Working Practice

materials-quoteEverything crucial to my work process is very simple. My place of work, and tools are primary.  Flexibility is very important to me as methods evolve with each new work,  but there are anchor points which help keep my work easy and manageable.

The Studio: The working studio is currently in Gowanus Brooklyn. I work in an artists’ building in a high-ceiling loft. The studio gets lots of natural light. Pictures forthcoming…

The Palette I mainly use colors found in nature, and balanced in chroma. One of my favorite things to do is try to match colors I find in plants other natural objects. Often I take vegetation and other natural objects back to the studio as reference for color mixing exercises.

The Paint: Paint itself is one of the things I love the most. I’ve begun learning to make my own paint, in order to have more control and more flexibility with the materials. The more experimentation I’ve done with mediums and paint recipes, the more I value the simplest approach.

The Watercolor Palette

The Watercolor Palette