6/17/15- I am currently updating this site with new content, so some of the pages may not link correctly and content may be missing. Please come back soon!

I am an artist from rural upstate New York, where I spend my childhood exploring nature and reading. I studied literature at Bard College and art was a constant throughout. I moved to Brooklyn to attend Pratt Institute for a graduate degree and have been painting and exhibiting ever since, always a maintaining a studio and full-time practice of art making.  I have taken classes at the Art Students League, the National Academy of Design and the New York Academy of Art.

I have lived in Brooklyn for many years and have found my inspiration here. I paint in oils and my influences are architectural and reference the influence of man on nature. My work is large and painterly, with thickly layered backgrounds as my forte. I’m interested in exploring a psychological interpretation of place and especially the reciprocal relationship between architecture and the transformative aspects of nature. Much of the architecture I portray in my paintings is sculpted and molded by natural forces and the subjects morph in and out of the backgrounds, which are visceral and reflect an  emotional reaction to place and structure.

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