My work featured in online magazine Literacy Head~

My work has been featured in the current issue of Literacy Head (Volume 1, issue 6)- an online magazine dedicated to teaching literacy through visual arts. The piece they chose is “Luncheon on the Grass”, after Manet’s famous painting of the same title. It is featured in a section called “Write Starts” which they describe as follows:

Write StARTs

Images to give writers ideas

Let our collection of images of people listening to and telling stories give your writers ideas! These paintings and illustrations point to the universal nature of telling and listening. What might these characters be saying or hearing? What do these images make you think of? Talk about it, then write about it.

This looks like a great resource for parents, teachers and kids! As I’m very interested and involved in encouraging kids to use their imaginations- whether in art, science or writing- I couldn’t be happier to see my art used in this capacity~

If you would like to view my art and other articles and features at you can sign up for a free two week subscription.  The current issue will be up for two weeks.

New Wine Label Art- Brooklyn Oenology

I have been given the great honor of creating artwork for a another Brooklyn Oenology wine label! Brooklyn Onenology is a Brooklyn-based winery owned and operated by master vintner and art lover Alie Shaper. Not only do her labels feature Brooklyn artists, the labels peel off the bottles- so you get wine and an art sticker!

In 2008 I created a label for her 2006  Syrah-Petite Verdot-Malbec-Merlot blend called “Motley Cru” which won several wine awards including New York Food and Wine Classic’s  Silver Medal. Motley Cru 2006 was also selected as Best of Appellation, from Appellation America. You can see my label art for Motley Cru at (click on “artists” and select my name) If you see this wine in your local wine shop- buy it! It’s almost completely sold out and hard to come by. I can attest that it is one of my favorite wines- rich, subtle and wonderful.

This year, I created a label for a wine called “Friend.” It’s a Riesling and portions of the proceeds will be donated to support animal welfare and health. “Friend” will be released soon- stay in touch to hear details about a wine release-Jen Ferguson art party; we’ll have wonderful wine to taste, posters and art!

This is a mock up of the label- not a final version- but pretty much how it will look. Enjoy!