My work selected for Downtown Legends Exhibit at Brooklyn Historical Society, December 9, 2016


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I am honored to have been selected to participate in Downtown Brooklyn Partnership’s exhibition “Downtown Legends” at the Brooklyn Historical Society this December. The exhibit will feature prominent local artists interpreting architectural and cultural landmarks in the Downtown Brooklyn area. … Continue reading

Double Chrysler


Are you seeing double sometimes? This is a study for a large scale work I plan to make. Chrysler Doppelgangers. Foggy Minds. Foggy top. Foggy Bottom. A neighborhood I always dreamed of living in. Enjoy. Imagine this 10 feet tall and be ensconced.Double Chrysler

Jen Ferguson’s “Double Chrysler”

Jen Ferguson’s smallest Brooklyn Bridge painting at Urban Folk Art Gallery

The smallest Brooklyn Bridge painting I’ve ever made is on exhibit at the 3rd Annual Brooklyn Bridge Birthday Celebration, opening this Friday May 25th at Urban Folk Gallery in Cobble Hill Brooklyn. It’s  6 x 8″ and titled “Brooklyn Moonlight.” I’m also exhibiting a framed print of another Brooklyn Bridge painting. If you’re interested in owning this painting, or seeing it and other great Brooklyn Bridge art by local artists, come by the show or contact me personally. I highly recommend going to the opening; Adam Suerte, proprieter of Urban Folk Art Gallery, always throws a great party! Here are the details:

3rd Annual Brooklyn Bridge Birthday Celebration
Friday May 25th; 7-11 pm
Urban Folk Art Studios

101 Smith Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201
Facebook Event Link

“Brooklyn Moonlight”
Oil on Canvas, 6 x 8″

What is a Tortuga to you?

This is one of my newer paintings, which for lack of a better description is figurative-abstract; I’ve been developing a series of new paintings and pushing forward- as always, never sure where it will lead, but hopeful about the possibilities. For years I’ve worked on small compositional ideas in my notebooks, and thought it was time to test them out in larger scale.

“Tortuga” is a small piece, 12 x 12″. Although I try never to impose any specific ideas about what the painting is about, I’ll tell  you this much:  this composition started to remind me of a giant turtle in the desert, which in turn reminded me of a grim scene in the show “Breaking Bad.”

"Tortuga" by Jen Ferguson

Recent Commisision

I  don’t do many commissions, but when someone who had previously bought my work told me how much he adores his pit bull “Diego” and asked if I might consider painting a portrait, I got inspired.

Here is the finished painting, a little in the style of the Dutch Masters. To me, he seems to look imploringly for a walk or table scrap. But that’s how all dogs look. Hope you enjoy seeing my latest effort. This was a really fun one!

"Diego" Painting by Jen Ferguson