Seasons Greetings!

chrysler gargoyle mistletoe adj rgb

May you find love in high places~

May you find love in high places. 
May your love soar.

I’ve been working on what captions work for this image!

This year has been full and busy with great opportunities and art making, and in the thick of doing so many amazing creative projects, I have often failed to report on the results! I will strive to share more of my work and doings in the coming year.

I wish for a kinder, more honest world next year- and for those who are burdened with hate, resentments and inequity to find healing and peace so that they can use their life on earth for good.

Let us all open our eyes more to appreciate the good in life, the good in each other, and to protect the earth and all living creatures upon it.

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year~