Whimsical Grotesques- a modern review of MEET ME TONIGHT IN DREAMLAND

Adam McGovern, essayist, lecturer, literary aficionado and reviewer of cultural forms in any guise, wrote an interesting and fun piece on my mural project MEET ME TONIGHT IN DREAMLAND, which was shown at Sunny’s Bar in Red Hook last fall. His description of my work made me feel like a million dollars, because his words evoked the spirit in which the painting was created. A rare thing indeed. Here is a link: http://mcgovernix.wordpress.com/2014/01/04/what-comes-around-1/

Please check out his blog and follow his evocative writing. http://mcgovernix.wordpress.com/
You can check out my original blog post about the show here: https://jenferguson.wordpress.com/2013/11/27/meet-me-in-dreamland-one-last-time/

And for posterity, here is the full text of his review review:
The Top 5 things I didn’t get to in 2013
“What Comes Around” by Adam McGovern

New Year’s is a time for reflection and aspiration, but these are fueled by fruitful regret! Over the next week or so, we’ll be looking back longingly at art, comics, books and music I should have paid more public attention to in the 12 months just past — and pledging to make all our cultural appreciation immediate and immortal!


Jen Ferguson

I admired this artist’s murals from across the ocean of the internet, between my desk and the edge of the Earth at Red Hook, Brooklyn. Never made it out there but these images are personal wherever you are. Like snapshots of punchinello paparazzi or a merry Hieronymus Bosch, the whimsical grotesques are in the good mood that drink shields you with, a visual tonic at the back of Sandy-hit and still-standing Sunny’s Bar on the historic New York waterfront. The apparitions start without you in this parade of skyscraper-headed humanoids teetering next to impish devils breathing foggily on a warming Earth and badass Santas driving several-child open sleighs — along with festive colossal squids under Howard Finster-esque floating musicians and rodeo-riding chefs on mutant lobsters, bucking like one of the capitalist Four Horsemen of Waylande Gregory fountain sculptures repeated as cartoon. This was a funhouse mirror that flattered and reassured while neither masking nor magnifying the perils it satirized. It all goes down better with art, the creation whose canvas flaps against ecological catastrophe and rough historic seasons, and Ferguson’s unsinkable wit is a life worth imitating.

[After hours: http://www.artinchaos.com/ ]

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