Metrollpolis on Trip City

I have new serialized artwork on  Trip City, a fabulous new online arts and literary journal. My project is called Metrollpolis and is the basis of a new storyline for a longer prose piece I’m currently working on.

If you’ve ever seen the film “Troll Hunter” or read any Norwegian folk tales, you know the kind. While everyone seems to conjure up a different image when you say “troll,” most agree on a few key characteristics: mischievous, inherently bad,  and devious. Not to mention their ugliness, big noses and warts.
But you will have to discover trolls on their own terms in Metrollpolis. Never will your assumptions lead you more astray; never will you enter a stranger, more eccentric municipality. So close your travel guides, and put away your passport; they won’t do you any good here. And watch out for those creaking city gates, they haven’t been opened for a long time~

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