3-Dimensional Painting of Petunia by Patrick Bucklew!

This picture hardly does it justice: My sister Amanda recently commissioned artist Patrick Bucklew to make me a painting of my wonderful pet/rat/friend “Petunia” (who recently passed away at age 3.5 years old) – and here it is! It’s made of wood in two pieces- she is cut out of wood, tail and all- and hangs from the background by a hook, her whiskers are made of white wire, and she’s painted just beautifully. Patrick really captured her sweet inquisitive look, and the little blaze on her head and her big dark eyes. It brought me to tears to see it; it not only reminds me of dear Petunia but it’s also a gorgeous piece of folk art by a brilliant artist. Below is a picture of real Petunia as well~

"Petunia" by Patrick Bucklew

6 thoughts on “3-Dimensional Painting of Petunia by Patrick Bucklew!

  1. you can call me mandy! so glad you like it- Patrick did an amazing job- thank you patrick! lots of love to you and petunia– miss her! (and you)

  2. Is Patrick taking commissions? No really, is he? I love this piece. It isn’t cutsie and infantile in the “lil’ critter” vein one so often sees in rodent portraits. It’s amazing. Love, love, LOVE the tail. You must be so glad to have it.

    • Yes, Patrick is always open to commissions- he is talented, fast and a really nice artist. I’ll send you his email on your aol account. And yes, I agree, it’s not one of those terrible “pet portraits” you see so often. He does many other kinds of painting too, landscapes etc.
      By the way I love your blog! I have three rats, live in Brooklyn and always happy to meet other rat aficionados…

      • I come to the city pretty regularly to see plays and hit up the theatre archives in town for my dissertation research. I’ll let you know if I come anytime soon, and maybe we can grab a cup of coffee.

        I’m looking for an excuse to get the hell off Manhattan Island and see more of Brooklyn, which I do not do enough! Also, I’m willing to bet NYC has some nifty rat lovers’ resources, cool shoparamas ‘n such.

        But yes, your artist is amazing. Please do forward the email. When I have any money, if I EVER have any money again, I’ll contact him. I wonder what he’d charge for a series of small portraits? It’d be fun to try to capture the essence of a colony in a polyptych, you know, sort of a Ghent Altarpiece of rat portraiture.

      • Oh great! That would be fun- let me know~ I forwarded Patrick’s email- if you didn’t get it let me know. You should just email him and ask him what he would charge- I bet he would do an amazing rat Alarpiece- if anyone could do it, he could!

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