The Belmont Stakes as a Movie- Poster art at America’s Best Racing

The 2013 Belmont Stakes is almost here, and I created this special movie poster treatment of it which you can see HERE.  I looked at a lot of great old Italian movie posters for inspiration. They were so dramatic and worked well in their job to entice the passerby to see the movie. I thought the Belmont Stakes could use something like that. So I unsaddled the horses, removed the jockeys and let them stampede toward the viewer, kicking up dust with NYC in the background. The track at Belmont is apparently called “Big Sandy” while the Belmont Stakes race is called “the test of champions” – hence my movie title. Hope you enjoy it!

After you view that, check out Hannah Means-Shannon’s interview with me about the Kentucky Derby and my racetrack art HERE!


Kentucky Derby Oracle 2013 by Jen Ferguson, Amanda Ferguson

I collaborated with my sister, Amanda, on a art piece for the Jockey Club’s website “Followhorseracing.com” centered around the Kentucky Derby. I decided to make an oracle which highlighted the horses with their different qualities and illustrate each one with their markings. Here is the result! http://www.followhorseracing.com/en/the-latest/blogs/2013/04/28/kentucky-derby-the-contenders/I really love what Amanda came up with the text on the Tarot cards- they are spot on if you’ve followed the horses. I’m still not sure who will win, and one of the horses on the chart isn’t running (Govenor Charlie) but I could swear the painting of “It’s my LuckyDay” winked at me, though I was putting in late hours to finish the art and it could have just been that my eyes were bleary.

Dean Haspiel helped enormously with layouts and computer work- Thank you! There is a print of the oracle for sale online at ETSY; here is the link:




Who dunnit? Jen Ferguson’s “DUMBO” comic on view Feb. 9th

WHO DUNNIT? Find out this Saturday at Medialia Gallery, where I’m showing my DUMBO comic collaboration with J.G. Thirlwell.


Medialia Rack & Hamper Gallery
335 West 38th Street, New York, NY
Feb 9- March 23rd
Opening reception Feb. 9th, 4-7 pm