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MEET ME TONIGHT IN DREAMLAND: Jen Ferguson Mural at Sunny’s Red Hook

MEET ME TONIGHT IN DREAMLAND: Jen Ferguson Mural at Sunny's Red Hook

Meet Me Tonight in Dreamland: a mural project by Jen Ferguson

Sunny’s Bar in Red Hook, famed “bar at the end of the world”, will be the site of Jen Ferguson’s most recent project: “Meet Me Tonight in Dreamland.” A 40 foot mural depicting the foibles of man will adorn the back room, where rakehells rub shoulders with the upright, professionals mix with amateur, and top-shelf mixes with bottom. Infamous proprietress Tone will serenade all comers with the sweets and bitters of her dulcet musical stylings in the front room, whilst you peruse the mural for your likeness (if you know me, you just might have inspired a character).
Sunny doesn’t call it “Back Room Art” for nothing. Come one, come all~ You won’t want to miss the opportunity to grill me in person for the meaning of all this. And if you ask with the right drink in your hand, I might just give you the key.

WHERE:  253 Conover St, Brooklyn, New York 11231
WHEN: Friday, Oct. 18, 2013 from 8-11ish

if you are not familiar with Sunny’s, here are a few links:

Jen Ferguson’s surprise racetrack project to debut 2/17/13

Guess who’s got NYRA credentials? And why, you ask? Well, keep your seat belts buckled- because on Feb. 17, 2013 a new project I’m working will debut on America’s Best Racing, the official website of the NTRA (National Thoroughbred Racing Association) and The Jockey Club (the authority for all thoroughbred race horses in North America). I’m working with a real insider and talented writer on this and it’s been such fun to create.

Anyone who knows me well knows that the first art I ever made was of race horses, so I’m extremely honored to be working on this new series. I’ll be putting up more details about this soon, and I hope you’ll love it as much as I do.

me_nyra creds

Metrollpolis on Trip City

I have new serialized artwork on  Trip City, a fabulous new online arts and literary journal. My project is called Metrollpolis and is the basis of a new storyline for a longer prose piece I’m currently working on.

If you’ve ever seen the film “Troll Hunter” or read any Norwegian folk tales, you know the kind. While everyone seems to conjure up a different image when you say “troll,” most agree on a few key characteristics: mischievous, inherently bad,  and devious. Not to mention their ugliness, big noses and warts.
But you will have to discover trolls on their own terms in Metrollpolis. Never will your assumptions lead you more astray; never will you enter a stranger, more eccentric municipality. So close your travel guides, and put away your passport; they won’t do you any good here. And watch out for those creaking city gates, they haven’t been opened for a long time~

Live Reading of “Dumbo: A Pagan Walks Among Us” Tomorrow!

I’m reading my collaborative comic “DUMBO; A PAGAN WALKS AMONG US” (written by JG Thirlwell) this Thursday at Book Court, at the party for Cousin Corinne’s 3rd issue. Details below; hope to see some of you there!


You can view the FACEBOOK event page RSVP social network thing here:

DUMBO: A Pagan Walks Among Us

I recently collaborated with the exceptional musician and artist JG Thirlwell on “DUMBO: A Pagan Walks Among Us,” a comic about the neighborhood DUMBO, Brooklyn for local literary arts journal Cousin Corinne’s Reminder. I really enjoyed the whole endeavor, both working with a writer and creating a form of art that I’m unfamiliar with. Below is a posting about our project by Dean Haspiel, the Comix Editor for the journal. Enjoy!

As curator of COMIX BLOCK for Cousin Corinne’s REMINDER, a literary arts journal published bi-annually by Brooklyn’s very own BookCourt, I’m honored to work with people I admire. So, it was a coup to shepherd a collaboration between musician, JG Thirlwell [of FOETUS, STEROID MAXIMUS, MANOREXIA, and VENTURE BROTHERS fame], and painter, Jen Ferguson [Railbirds, Blue Ribbon Restaurant's menu & decor art, Brooklyn Oenology wine label art, Monster Mash-ups, and contributing artist to HBO's "Bored To Death"] to divulge something personal about DUMBO, Brooklyn.

Here is the original interview that Brooklyn Paper journalist, Chuck O’Donnell, conducted with Jen Ferguson about her collaboration with JG Thirlwell:

1. Tell me about substituting rabbits for humans in the story. Was that your idea? What function did it serve to portray the characters as rabbits rather than humans?

Using the rabbits to tell the story was my idea; I wanted to utterly transform the context in which the story is set. Employing the rabbit characters fits squarely in the tradition of the fable, where anthropomorphized creatures tell a moral or folk tale. I see JG Thirlwell’s story, “DUMBO – A Pagan Walks Among Us,” as the modern equivalent of an urban fable. Also, I thought it would be fun to draw them.

2. How was collaborating with Mr. Thirlwell? Was there a lot of give and take, back and forth? Did you even know him before this project?

I met JG Thirlwell years ago through mutual friends and, over time, I’ve become more familiar with his work which is very inspiring to me. Also, we’re neighbors! As far as our collaboration, JGT wrote up his story and we met a few times to work out a storyboard and pacing for the script. Once we got that down, I worked on the art and he didn’t see it until it was finished. It was more a situation where he did his part and then trusted me to fit my art to the story. It was quite pleasant. I was a little nervous about what he’d think about being portrayed as a rabbit but it all worked out and he loved it.

3. Would you consider this an unlikely pairing: A composer and a fine artist combine to create a comic book?

Since neither JG Thirlwell nor I are comic book artists, I suppose our collaboration a little unconventional in every way but I see it more as the combined efforts of two artists in a slightly unfamiliar genre. JGT scores the music for “The Venture Brothers,” an animated series for Adult Swim (The Cartoon Network), so I knew he had a sense for sequential art and storytelling. In addition, his own music and art compositions are rich, layered and evocative. Between his aesthetic sensibilities and mine, I was sure it would be interesting. Dean Haspiel, who is the Comix Block curator for Cousin Corinne’s Reminder, is the one who came up with the idea of our working on a comic together. It made sense since we both Jim and I live and work in DUMBO and know one another.

4. Do you have to use a different skill set when you are creating a comic book as opposed to a painting or other work of art?

Yes, absolutely! I have a newfound respect for artists and writers working in the comic art genre. It’s a tremendous effort to figure out how to tell a story in sequence, what to illustrate directly as opposed to what should be inferred, how to space the action, where to place the dialogue and words… It’s almost like cinematography. Whereas as my paintings are meant to be contemplated over time, these comic panels are supposed to carry the action along, and show specific aspects of a story. I’m not a fast worker, so each little panel became a mini-painting. I felt like a monk working on an illuminated manuscript where each inch of art takes a month to paint. It’s definitely harder than it looks! But I like a challenge.

JG Thirlwell:
Jen Ferguson:
Cousin Corinne’s REMINDER:


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My Marvel Comics Debut!

My art is included in CYCLOPS #1, available today at your local comics shop. Super-Villains  are stunned by my painting  “Roasting Marshmallows in Hell” in the Museum of Modern Art. Below is the Marvel version and below that is the full version, and some links to some reviews.

DangerMart Review

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"Roasting Marshmallows in Hell"

Cousin Corinne’s Reminder

I am lucky to have been asked to contribute artwork to the new Brooklyn-based literary journal “Cousin Corinne’s Reminder.” There are currently two issues available; a third is set to be published this Spring 2011. The project was created by the prominent independent Brooklyn Bookstore BookCourt and includes poetry, prose, photographs and art from a wide variety of local talent. The Comix Block was curated by Dean Haspiel, an established comic artist based in Brooklyn.

Here are the two paintings already featured in Issues #1 and #2. I am collaborating with composer/artist JG Thirlwell on a 4 page piece about Dumbo Brooklyn for Issue #3, look for it coming soon!

Official website for Cousin Corinne:

Comix Section cover for Cousin Corinne's Reminder, Issue #2

Back Cover for Comix Section, Cousin Corinne's Reminder, Issue #1

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