Kentucky Derby artwork is here!

The Kentucky Derby is tomorrow and as trainers, jockeys, owners and horses are making their final preparations, I’ve been busy putting together this year’s Derby chart for your perusal. With the exception of “Hoppertunity” who was a late scratch (noted on the artwork) , make your picks from this poster and you can’t go wrong. Is there anything to read in their postures and expressions? We’ll see soon! The poster is up at America’s Best Racing and also available as a print on my Etsy store. Enjoy!

Jen Ferguson Kentucky Derby 2014


Work for Hire~

I don’t often do work for hire, but occasionally someone who likes my drawing style will ask me to do a piece for them, based on work I’ve already made. This art was made for a business card for a woodworker/carpenter who admired my work. The idea was his, interpreted in my drawing style. I think it turned out well; I like the character’s dreamy and mischievous  look.

Hoping to Meet People

Jerry and I were down at his place, right down the street from this place Eddie’s 458. That’s the name of the guy who owns it and then the number from the address where it is. Anyhow, Jerry’s always saying how he doesn’t know anyone from the neighborhood anymore, and how it’s changed and all that. So I say, “Let’s go down to Eddie’s for a nitecap.” Finally he gives in and so we go down there. It was okay, but we didn’t meet nobody. Well, we did meet the bartender. I guess that’s something, right?

Hoping to meet People, art by Jen Ferguson