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Sometimes you feel like your own art~

I was sorting through some old art scans this morning and came upon this drawing I made a few years ago. Somehow it seems appropriate for how I’ve been feeling these past few months. It’s not as dreary a palette as one of those Goya grotesques, and a bit more humorous with the character’s empty pockets, but the protagonists shares a similar dearth. Enjoy! I’m looking forward very much to its antithesis, with an ecstatic theme soon~

Victims of Exuberance

Victims of Exuberance

Kentucky Derby artwork is here!

The Kentucky Derby is tomorrow and as trainers, jockeys, owners and horses are making their final preparations, I’ve been busy putting together this year’s Derby chart for your perusal. With the exception of “Hoppertunity” who was a late scratch (noted on the artwork) , make your picks from this poster and you can’t go wrong. Is there anything to read in their postures and expressions? We’ll see soon! The poster is up at America’s Best Racing and also available as a print on my Etsy store. Enjoy!

Jen Ferguson Kentucky Derby 2014


Double Chrysler

Are you seeing double sometimes? This is a study for a large scale work I plan to make. Chrysler Doppelgangers. Foggy Minds. Foggy top. Foggy Bottom. A neighborhood I always dreamed of living in. Enjoy. Imagine this 10 feet tall and be ensconced.Double Chrysler

Jen Ferguson’s “Double Chrysler”

Mon Petit Dumbo; Art Celebrating Love, Place and the Written Word

Myself and three other Brooklyn artists will be showing Valentine inspired artwork and ephemera on Thursday, February 6th and Saturday February 8th at the studio in DUMBO Brooklyn. Not only is love and affection a theme, but words play an important part in this show. Both Jenn Macksoud and Susuan Baldaserini use words and letters extensively in their works. I will also be showing a few hand painted signs and tin art from Mexico (hence the ephemera).  To illuminate my love of place, I’m including a few miniature paintings of some of my favorite neighborhood spots in Dumbo. Erin Molitor (Owl & Bone studio) who makes jewelry and prints will also be exhibiting. Come on by!


Valentines, Art & Love
Inspired works by Brooklyn Artists

Mon Petit Dumbo
Thursday February 6th, 6-9 pm
Saturday, February 8th, noon-5 pm

55 Washington Street, 3rd floor #317
DUMBO Brooklyn
for info: